General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of direct sale to professionals

1. Seller Information - Provider Information is the property of Cabe Stozzatrici Srl, with registered and administrative office in Viale Duemila 4, 27020 Borgo San Siro (PV), VAT no. 02038330185, Tax Code and Register of Companies no. PV 02038330185, EAI PV 240619. For any information, contact Cabe Stozzatrici Srl, phone no. +39 0382 874045 and/or e-mail Sole Director: Mrs. Margherita Buttè

2. Definitions

Seller: the Company Cabe Stozzatrici Srl with headquarters in Borgo San Siro (PV), Viale Duemila No. 4, Tax Code and VAT no. and Register of Companies no. 02038330185.

Buyer: professional individual (acting through its entrepreneurial, commercial, craft and professional activity) who places orders through the Site.

General terms and conditions of sale: govern the sales contract and are contained in this document.

Order receipt: written confirmation by e-mail of receipt by the Seller of the order placed by the Buyer through the Site. It is not in any way binding for the Seller and does not in any case involve the completion of the contract.

Order confirmation: written confirmation by e-mail sent by the Seller to the Buyer, concerning the acceptance of the order. Contains the summary of the characteristics of the goods ordered and the relative prices, payment terms, delivery methods and related shipping costs.

Warranty: statutory warranty to which the Seller must abide.

Order: irrevocable offer to purchase by the Buyer to the Seller, who shall assume the obligations to exclusively supply the assets specified in the order that has been accepted. The order can be made only after the Buyer signs up and registers in the corporate database and after disclosure of all information necessary for billing, specification of the place of delivery of goods, and explicit acceptance of the conditions referred to in this document.

Sales countries: Countries of the European Union.

Order payment: payment made by the Buyer to the Seller in accordance with the methods indicated by the latter.

Site/store/online store: the complex consisting of the site in the domain and the corresponding online shopping system.

3. Field of application

These Sales conditions are applicable to all orders placed directly on the Site and to all orders placed by the Buyer to the Seller by email, certified email and/or fax, relating to products and services offered by the aforementioned online store. By placing an Order as prescribed, the Buyer expressly declares to have read and accepted all the General Terms and Conditions of Sale set out in this document, without possibility of exception or reservation whatsoever.

The online store only accepts orders from professionals, or those acting as part of their business, commercial, craft and professional activity, resident in the countries of sale, and strictly excludes sales to any private individual.

The buyer is committed to provide the Seller with all data required for the fulfilment of each and every statutory obligation, including, by way of non-limiting example, name/company name, address, tax code and VAT no.

Upon acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions, the Buyer represents and expressly acknowledges that the purchase of the products is inherent to its business, commercial, craft and professional activity, with subsequent inapplicability to the sales contract of Italian Legislative Decree 206/2005, Italian Legislative Decree 185/1999 and any additional provisions of law concerning consumer protection.

4. Sales contract

After registration, the Buyer may identify the item or items he intends to purchase and send an order to the Seller, who reserves the right to suspend or cease publication, or update the virtual catalogue and amend it in whole or in part at its sole discretion and without notice at any time.

Order placement by using the online procedure is considered, for all legal intents and purposes, an irrevocable offer, which shall be followed up by an email confirming that the proposal has been taken charge of (so called Order receipt). Order receipt does not in any way constitute acceptance of the offer. In fact, upon verifying the order and the payment confirmation, Seller shall send an email (so called Order Confirmation) with not only the order and number thereof, but also the summary of the characteristics of the products ordered and the related prices, payment terms, delivery methods and costs. The sales contract between Buyer and Seller shall be deemed validly concluded and complete when the Order Confirmation by the Seller is received by the Buyer at the email address and/or fax number specified by the same.

Any changes required by the Buyer after sending the order must be submitted in writing and shall be subject to further acceptance by the Seller who may, in view of the changes required, change delivery dates and prices with respect to the original order.

The Seller is free to accept changes to orders or not, at its sole discretion. The seller disclaims any contractual or non-contractual liability for direct and/or indirect damage caused by the unsuccessful or partial acceptance of an order.

5. Prices and Payment

The selling prices of the products shown on the Website are expressed in Euro. Italian VAT rates as applicable and the costs of transport shall be added thereto. When ordering, once the product has been added to the shopping cart and the information required to complete the purchase has been entered, you shall see a summary page for the selected product and an indication of the delivery price.

The Seller reserves the right to verify, also following the Order Confirmation, whether, at the time of the Order Confirmation, non-Italian Buyers resident in the European Union are validly registered in the VIES system. In the absence of such registration, the Orders made by Buyers non-resident in Italy shall be subject to the Italian VAT rate in force at the time of Order Confirmation.

Orders outside the EU: It is not currently possible to order products to destinations outside the European Union through the Site. We invite interested parties to apply directly to our sales office via email or by calling +39 0382 874 045.

Order payment is to be completed by bank wire transfer and should include the balance of the entire supply referred to in the order. Failure to make Order payment involves the legal termination of the sales contract between Buyer and Seller, without obligating the Seller to provide the products, and without the Buyer being entitled to make any claims whatsoever.

The Seller makes the following methods of payment available to the Buyers:

  • Bank wire transfer

The order will be processed upon receiving confirmation that the bank of Cabe Stozzatrici srl had received the payment.

Bank transfer should be made to:

Account owner: Cabe Stozzatrici srl

Bank: Banca popolare di Sondrio - Filiale di Vigevano

Account details: IT21 C056 9623 0000 0000 2590 X87


Purpose of payment: Enter the order number

Payment must be made within 7 days after placing the order. After this date, if payment has not been received, the order will be automatically cancelled.The bank transfer should include the order number.

6. Availability of products and services

The products listed in the Site shall be construed as available, at the Seller’s premises, within 15 days from the time of order, while stocks last. Therefore, the Seller shall ship the products to the Buyer within that time frame. Should it take longer for the products to be available, the Seller shall notify the Buyer of the different timing, who will have the option to cancel their order and receive a refund of the amount already paid within 15 days of the cancellation.

The terms are in any case suspended in the period from 1 to 31 August and from 20 December to 6 January of the following year.

The preparation, shipping and delivery period indicated is not mandatory or essential, but must be understood as being purely indicative and not binding on the Seller.

Any delivery delay can in no way result in a penalty, obligation for compensation, or interest payable by the Seller, nor may it give rise to termination, even partial, of the contract.

Cabe Stozzatrici Srl is not liable for any delays due to force majeure such as, by way of non-limiting example, accidents, explosions, strikes, lockouts, earthquakes, disasters, floods, riots, laws, regulations and orders issued by state authorities, and other events that are difficult or impossible to predict that may prevent, in whole or in part, the performance of the contract according to the timing and/or the methods agreed.

In the event that the Seller must delay the delivery of products with regards to the period planned, at the express written request of the customer or for reasons only indirectly attributable to them, all incidental costs, such as, but not limited to, storage costs, handling, transport, etc., shall be borne by the Buyer.

7. Changes in conditions and the products and services offered

The Seller reserves the right to modify these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the products and services offered, without notice. For this reason, each Order shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sale in force at the time the Order was sent, any conditions in force at the time of finalising a previous Order not being valid. In the same manner, the products and services offered are those present in the Store with their technical characteristics at the time of each order, any technical characteristics of the products or services previously purchased by the Buyer being no longer valid.

Any clause and/or condition included in the order by the Buyer, in correspondence or elsewhere, shall be deemed invalid, void and have no effect unless specifically accepted in writing by the Seller.

8. Technical specifications of the products and services

Every product and service has a data sheet available on this Site. The Buyer is exclusively responsible for checking the correspondence of the technical characteristics of the products and/or services offered in the online store to their economic and production needs.

The right of withdrawal is explicitly excluded. As a result, once the sales contract has been completed, the purchase is considered final, without any possibility of returning the product and/or having the price refunded, without prejudice to the presence of vices and/or defects covered by the Warranty.

9. Shipping and Customs

Product delivery shall take place after the Order Confirmation. The transport costs are borne by the Buyer, unless otherwise specified in the Order confirmation.

The carrier specified by the Seller in the e-mail confirming shipment is solely responsible for transport and delivery stages.

The cost of the products shown on the Site, including shipping, strictly exclude all duties, charges and customs procedures, which are to be exclusively borne by the Buyer, who takes on the entire import risk, nothing being claimed from the Seller in the event of import refusal by the Competent Authority.

Delivery is ex works (EX WORKS).

The characteristics of the product are understood as being transferred to the customer with the delivery of the product to the carrier.

The risk of transport lies with the Buyer. The liability of the Seller ceases on delivery of the products to the carrier.

Any dispute concerning shipment integrity and/or completeness must be paid to the courier upon delivery.

Despite intact packaging, products should be carefully examined by the Buyer in order to check their correspondence to the consignment note. Once delivery has been accepted, the integrity of the goods received and/or any theft cannot be disputed.

10. Guarantees, technical assistance and return policies

Italian laws on warrantees shall apply to all purchases made by the customer.

Items for sale on the Site have a 1 (one) year statutory warranty against any manufacturing defects, provided that the defects are notified in writing by registered letter with return receipt within the final deadline of 8 (eight) days from discovery. The warranty explicitly excludes normal wear and tear caused by use, and the use of the product in places and/or in a manner that does not meet the specified method in the data sheets on the Site at the time of purchase or in general machining technical standards. The Buyer shall immediately lose the warranty coverage if, without the prior written authorisation of Cabe Stozzatrici Srl, has directly or through third parties assembled/disassembled the goods and or replaced parts. The Seller’s product technical assistance and services shall be provided by email at and by telephone to +39 0382 874045 (Mon-Fri from 08:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.). Customer Service staff shall inform Buyers of the procedure status. In the case of recognition of the validity of the claim submitted and/or if the goods do not in fact correspond to those ordered, Cabe Stozzatrici shall swiftly check the possibility of replacing products based on actual stock availability. Only in the event that replacement is not possible due to lack of stocks shall Cabe undertake to return the amount paid by the Buyer within 15 days.

All claims shall be considered by Cabe solely and exclusively against forwarding of the original invoice, any transport document, as well as the order and order confirmation.

If the goods are returned by the Buyer to the Seller Company, the Buyer must ensure proper packaging assuming any liability in the event of breakage during transport.

The warranty offered for defects is not valid if:

  • the attached documents proving purchase are altered or illegible;
  • codes or serial numbers of the product are altered, deleted, removed or made illegible;
  • the product is not installed by professional, specific and authorised operators;
  • The product has been repaired or modified by unauthorised personnel, before the Seller has been able to perform a technical audit;
  • The outcome of the technical check detects that the product defect derives from negligence and/or carelessness in the installation and/or use and/or maintenance.

11. Express termination clause

In case of payment delays or default in the terms and methods agreed, the Seller reserves the right to take immediate action to recover the debt, increased by default interest and legal fees.

Failure to pay even only one payment instalment within the agreed period shall entitle the Seller to terminate this contract pursuant to art. 1456 of the Italian Civil Code.

Termination shall legally apply when the Seller sends an email to the email address indicated in the order form or, failing that, by registered mail with return receipt to the address of residence/domicile of the party that intends to invoke this clause.

12. Privacy

The laws governing the processing of personal data are detailed in the "Privacy Policy" section. The buyer is therefore invited to carefully read it.

13. Applicable law and Jurisdiction

The General Terms and Conditions of sale are governed and shall be exclusively construed as being in accordance with the laws in force in Italy at the time of the Order by the Buyer.

As from the moment the order is sent any disputes arising relating to the interpretation and/or application and/or execution of the order and/or of the sales contract between the Buyer and the Seller, shall be referred to the exclusive territorial jurisdiction of the Court of Pavia.

Please note that in the event of dispute regarding payment of a sum of money of less than € 50,000, before bringing the dispute before the competent Judicial Authorities, it is necessary to launch the socalled aided negotiation process, pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 2 of It. Decree Law 132/2014.

14. Main language

These sales conditions are written in Italian.

Translation into any other languages can solely be provided for information purposes only. In the event of a dispute arising between the parties, the Italian version shall prevail. In situations of discrepancy between the Italian version and versions in other language, only the Italian version shall be legally binding.

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